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Please let me know you were here and how you found my blog. Are you an adoptee? A Biological Parent or an adoptive parent? Has my blog inspired you in any way?

Blessings, and thanks for being here!

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10 thoughts on “Guest Book

  1. Pam, great job!!!! Your blog looks great! I have said it before but i will say it again, finding you on Twitter, reading your story, then becoming your friend, and more changed my life!!!! You dragged me kicking and screaming to adress my life, past, & my pain. You not only have been on a journy, you help me and i know countless others begin and take our own journy in recovery!!!! I know i feel like i have seen you from early on bloom and grow into a person who helps people daily and has set up places where people connect, get help, & help others. Keep up the wonderful ministry you have through your blogg, Twitter, Facebook, and by being you!!!! What you have done is Nothing Short of Spimly Amazing!!!! Hugs! Love you girl!

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  2. Colt- Thank you so much! You are AMAZING! You have been my awesome far-a-way fellow adoptee friend for many years now. I remember you saying, “By my adoption is different. I was adopted within the family, I know who my people are denied knowing any of their history.” Sort of dismissing any pain you may feel compared to other adoptees who know nothing. I remember we talked and talked about how the ORIGINAL TRAUMA of being separated from your birth mother was still there, and that TRAUMA is very real, and your abandonment & rejection issues stemming from that trauma are no LESS just because you were adopted by family! Your pain is REAL, and it seems after you were able to grasp that you began to heal yourself. We have ALWAYS understood one another, and we have that gifted ADOPTEE LANGUAGE that’s so rare these days. You are my buddy FOR LIFE and I can’t wait to see what God’s going to do in your life for the future. It was just 2-3 years ago we had big talks about God sending you a woman just perfect for you.. Now look… LOOK! You hung on, never gave up hope and BAM………… You will be engaged soon! I couldn’t be happier for you and I cherish our friendship! Thanks for being an amazing friend! I LOVE YOU! – Pamela J.


  3. I found your blog today after someone posted an article you wrote on an adoptee FB page. Wow, scary how much I can relate as an adoptee. Crying as I am going through some of your posts that I could have written. Thank you for writing so honestly. I am sure there are many more adoptees who can relate as well. You articulate what I feel so well.

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    1. Danyell,

      I love your name. The spelling of it is BEAUTIFUL! 😀

      SO glad you found my blog and you are able to relate to so much. That’s the reason I write and share my feelings. I know it means so much when you FINALLY find someone in your life that can say “I UNDERSTAND, I’VE BEEN THROUGH THAT!”. It makes a world of difference when we are told to feel a certain way growing up.

      I have realized that once I finally found my root issues, and my adoptee voice and I’m able to share my experience it’s brought me the most healing I can imagine. Something about sharing our biggest hurts is one of the ways I feel my pain was worth it. If I can help one adoptee out and know their feelings are NORMAL for a NOT NORMAL situation my pain is worth it.

      Have you thought about writing your journey? Are you post reunion? I would love to get to know you better! ❤

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  4. I have been reading your blog for a while now. I also use to be on how does it feel to be adopted. Never really wrote a whole lot just every now and then, to concerned with who will see it. I so enjoy your blogs. I always have a hard time expressing myself, which is why I never started blog.writing skills suck to. So I hope you continue to write. Ann

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    1. Ann,

      So glad you came across my blog. I recommend many adoptees to create a pen name, an anonymous name so you can write and share your feelings freely. You deserve to be heard! Your feelings are important and YOU matter! Maybe think about it… I would love to follow you!

      Let me share something I never share with anyone. Most people in my life who are close to me don’t even know. . I have a severe reading disorder, and this went undetected my entire life. When I was reconnected with my biological family (my brother) he shared with me his struggles and it was awe striking to me because I too had the same exact struggle in school. I have dyslexia with math also. This was so difficult to struggle thru school because no one knew my struggle. I hid it from everyone but my grades suffered big time. I always hated school and dropped out of regular school in 9th grade and went to an alternative school. It was easier to skate by that way… I’m sharing this because even when you feel like you aren’t the best writer you can still share your feelings and be empowered by doing it! I have an extremely difficult time reading and retaining what I read but I can write and share my feelings easier. But I FEELS like my writing is more “basic” than most peoples, because I didn’t develope in alot of areas like some people did. God is still using me and he’s going to use you too!! Please think about writing. I would love to follow your blog if you set one up!
      Many blessings and remember you are never alone! 😄😚


    1. Tracy, Thank you so much! It’s been a long hard journey! I give God the glory, and NOW I am able to be more effective in reaching out to other adoptees. At least I can share what has worked for me and let them know they aren’t alone! If I didn’t make it to this point, my efforts would be less effective. PRAISE JESUS! So happy you are here! XOXO ❤


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